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Hi! I'm Amari 

Therapist, wife, mom are only a few of my favorite titles! I am truly passionate about supporting families and helping couples in distress reconnect.  I love advocating for others and empowering others to live a more confident life. 

I look forward to providing you the best care possible and working together to reach your ultimate goals! 


I also bring the experience of a multicultural background and offer conversational American Sign Language for those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing



I believe therapy is not a "one size fits all" and like you, it should be unique! I have practiced under holistic providers, understand the pharmacological world, been a health coach to hundreds, and will always hone my craft to be the best provider for my clients!  My goal is to always foster a nurturing, welcoming environment where you have the freedom to grow in mind, body and spirit. I ultimately believe your care should be your choice!

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